Gift Ideas for Fox Lovers - what to get your friend who loves foxes

Foxes are a symbol of wisdom, good luck, and new beginnings. They are also known for their resourcefulness, intelligence, and cunning. So it's not surprising that they are popular across the globe.

Fox staring

Foxes are also rather cute and magical. They come from the canidae family, which includes wolves, coyotes, and dogs. The word "vulpes" comes from the Latin word for fox, which means "little dog." There are 37 species of true foxes. The most common include the red fox, arctic fox, fennec fox, and grey fox.

The red fox is the most common type of fox in the UK. It's reddish brown fur and white underbelly make it easy to identify. Red foxes are found in woods, heaths, farmland and urban areas.

The red fox is also the one you'll find in the Jin Designs Fox Collection. Sometimes roaming alone, and other times hanging out with friends in the Woodland Collection.

Badger, Rabbit, Hedgehog and Fox have been friends for a few years now, originally created back in 2018. But on this occasion, it's all about Fox. If there's a Fox Lover in your life and you're wondering what gift to get them for birthday or Christmas or just because - fear not, here's the Jin Designs Top 5 Gifts for Fox Lovers.

1 Fox Mug

Fox Mug

Mugs are great for gifting. This is talked about in more detail in the post why giving a mug as a gift is the perfect idea. They are always useful and can be kept for years. The mug is fine bone china and hand-decorated here in the UK. This particular mug features Fox, just once, quietly observing the surroundings. Ready to keep your fox lover company, day and night, whatever the occasion.

2 Fox Lover Gift Bundle

Fox Lover Gift Bundle

If you're looking for something a little more than a mug, you could try the Fox Lover Gift Bundle. This includes a Fox Mug and Gift Box, along with a handy zip bag and enamel pin. The pin and zip bag are great for taking Fox on your travels. The zip bag can be used for small travel items, make up or tools. And the pin can decorate any tote bag, jacket or lapel.

3 Fox Glass Worktop Saver

Fox Glass Worktop Saver

This British made glass kitchen surface protector is next on the fox lover gift list. Made from toughened recycled glass, it's great for the kitchen or dining room and will brighten any home. The glass is odour, stain and heat resistant. It's able to handle hot plates straight out of the oven. It's also good for chopping vegetables and herbs. The 4 non-slip rubber feet will keep the board stable and prevent it slipping. If your fox lover is a keen cook or entertainer, this could be an ideal gift.

4 Woodland Collection Placemats, Set of Four

Woodland Collection Placemats, Set of Four

It's time Fox had some fun with friends, so enjoy the Woodland Collection Placemats. Each has it's own character, so there's four designs - Badger, Fox, Hedgehog and Rabbit. Placemats are made of sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood and they have a melamine light grey gloss finish. On the reverse is black felt. They are nice and sturdy too at 4.8mm thick. Made in the UK and neatly packaged in brown kraft card making them a lovely gift.

5 Woodland Collection Birch Wood Tray

Woodland Collection Tray

Last but not least, the Woodland Collection Tray is a beautiful and practical way to celebrate our much loved Fox. Featuring again with Badger, Rabbit and Hedgehog this tray is a great addition to any fox lover kitchen. The tray measures 36cm x 28cm so you can use it to serve anything from hot drinks and sandwiches to cocktails or afternoon tea. It's big enough to hold a dinner plate for those who like a relaxed meal on the sofa. 

So there you have it! Your decision of what to get your friend who loves foxes may well be over! The Jin Designs Top 5 Gifts for Fox Lovers is hopefully packed full of ideas for you. If you think your friend or family member would like any of these items, just click on the links to read more about the products. You can also find other products in the Woodland Collection. 

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