Gift Guide by Polar Bear - Top 5 Winter Gifts

Hello, this is Polar Bear here. As the new character in town, I've been asked by Jin Designs to compile a gift guide for you. I couldn't be more delighted!

As you know, it's been a difficult time for polar bears, with issues such as climate change and habitat destruction. However, there is much being done to help us as there are always amazing people who care. When I joined Jin Designs Winter Collection recently I just knew I was going to be in good company and also very safe.

Before I talk about my new friends here, and suggest some gifts for you, I thought you might like to discover a few things about the polar bear.

Do you know, we are the only bear that is classed as a marine mammal? I bet that has surprised you! We do spend most of our lives on the sea ice and depend on the ocean for our food, so it's quite logical I suppose even if a bit strange.

It might also be of interest to know that we are solitary mammals. We remain by ourselves until the reproductive process begins and then the mother remains with her offspring for two years. Other than that we do not live in groups. In a way, I feel I do know what it's been like for some of you during these times of not being with friends or family. Even though I'm used to my own company it is exciting to join the Jin Designs team. I also get to tell you my gift guide that feature my newly made friends. I am certain you will find something special here that you can share with someone you love or miss.

Polar Bear Mug

Polar Bear Mug
Without being too forward, I would like to introduce you to a new addition to Jin Designs Winter Collection. Yes! It's me, a unique polar bear, set against a light grey background on a fine bone china mug. I am excited to be included in this stylish collection with my new wintery friends. The inside of the mug is white which contrasts against the contemporary grey and compliments me so very well don't you think! This minimalist design mug will grace any home and believe me it is perfect for a hot beverage on a cold day. I'd say this is a worthy gift indeed!

Winter Collection Cards

Winter Collection Cards, Mixed Pack of FourMeet Robin, Reindeer, Snowman and Penguin. What wonderful winter companions they have turned out to be. I've been given a welcome so warm, I was worried it would melt the ice cap competely! What is so special about the Winter Collection Cards is that my friends get to help convey messages for you. A greeting card expresses such a wide range of emotions from joy, love, humour and thanks. Sending something so personalised will be sure to put a big smile on someone's face. How about sending a card to those you love and miss from this friendly wintery bunch!

Penguin Lover Tea Time Gift Set

Well, goodness me! This is on my list because it is so quintessentially British! How could I not include it in my gift guide...

This gift is high quality heaven. Not only is Penguin the star of the show, depicted on a fine bone china mug that's hand decorated in England, they are also on a mini chopping board looking as proud as any penguin can be. Then there are the British biscuits and of course, it would not be complete without English tea. All of this is presented in a Jin Designs gift box. This is a gift that all tea lovers and Penguin lovers will adore. I'm quite partial to shortbread biscuits to be honest, far removed from my usual diet. I think I may gain a few pounds this season but Penguin assures me, a little of what you fancy does you good!

Winter Collection Large Chopping Board

Here they are again. The usual suspects, my four fine friends. They create the perfect winter scene on the large chopping board. I'm so happy to say it is sustainably resourced. Every little bit helps the environment don't you think? The chopping board can be used as a base for standing hot dishes on, or as a serving plate or used just a chopping board. This certainly deserves to be in my gift guide as it is so versatile. 

Reindeer Coasters, Set of Two

Reindeer Coasters, Set of TwoThis is a delightful gift consisting of two Reindeer Coasters made from durable melamine. They can withstand high temperatures ( the coasters not the reindeer) so they are perfect for protecting your coffee table or other surfaces. The coasters have a black velvet backing which stops them from scratching surfaces and from slipping. They are easy to wipe clean and look sensationally seasonal with Reindeer on. I'm a bit biased but every home should have something from Jin Designs unique Winter Collection.

Reindeer is still going to be busy this year in some parts of the world i've just heard. So what could be a nicer gift of a very important reindeer than these coasters? 

I've just got into the swing of presenting my gift guide and could go on and on but it's time to give you a chance to choose your own favourites.

I am sure you will find something here from my guide to treat yourself or a loved one to. I've focussed on the Winter Collection, of which, I am now proudly a part of. It is a marvellous collection that bring our wonderful wildlife alive and into our homes.

My Winter Collection friends and I hope to see you in your own home or in the home of someone special soon so we can continue to spread our good cheer and be a reminder to the beauty of nature.
Happy choosing!

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