Exciting Design Changes Ahead

These last few weeks have seen some changes. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's the impact of the world pandemic which has got me thinking. I've started to open my mind to new possibilities in terms of design at Jin Designs and I wanted to share these thoughts with you.Jin Designs CollectionsAt the beginning of the year I couldn't see a way forward with the designs and I felt quite stuck. I wanted to extend the range of products but with all these designs, it felt financially impossible. Things started to change during lockdown. Maybe there was just more time think, less pressure to deliver new products and more of a chance to rediscover some creativity.  

Sometimes I think we don't realise that we can actually put our own barriers up and create our own comfort zones. But things need to grow. You can't stay the same all the time. I always talk about moving forward but I wasn't really moving anywhere for a while. 

Last week came a breakthrough. Why not feature more than one character on one product. Customers have been suggesting it for a while. But I've been too set in my ways. Too stuck on my principles! But my mind is opening up to new ideas and I'm going to try this out on a limited range of products. 

I've always designed the characters to work as a set. If you look at the Farm Collection mugs for instance, the characters are designed to be together. In fact, if you put them in a line they are well placed to show us a thing or two about social distancing.Farm Collection MugsI often get customers saying they like all the designs and can't decide. Well, in the future, you may not have to. All your favourites could feature on one product. This is very exciting. And I'm wondering why I didn't think of it before!  

I think the lesson here is simple. Don't get stuck in your ways! Creativity needs to flow. No wonder I wasn't flowing. I was stuck behind the very barriers I had created. This is a good turning point. I feel very positive about bringing out some fabulous products in the near future. Stick with me, it feels like the beginning of a very exciting next chapter.

Jinny Ursell
Designer / Founder of Jin Designs