Choosing Gifts for Dog Lovers

The best gifts are ones that can be cherished and have a use. How many times have you been given a present which has ended up sitting on a shelf and not doing a lot else? Lots of people struggle when it comes to picking something out for their family and friends and end up giving money or a gift card. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, giving a gift you are 100% certain someone will adore is a wonderful feeling for you and them. Dogs We all know someone who is absolutely dog mad but when it comes to finding them the perfect gift, other than a dog, where do you start? Well, the best bet is going to be something which relates back to their obsession! 

Sitting Dog Mug Sitting Dog Mug A new favourite mug never goes amiss, especially when it is designed with Sitting Dog. This gorgeous, brown canine friend is perching on a line that follows round the bottom of this fine bone china mug. These hand-decorated mugs are ideal as a gift for a dog-loving pal. You can either give them one Sitting Dog Mug or buy in a Set with Sitting Cat, created in a similar style. That way they can share their enthusiasm for cute animals with one of their real-life friends.

Worktop Saver Sitting Dog Worktop Saver Worktop savers are undoubtedly useful but they can often blend into the background of a kitchen just there to help you prepare food. Not here! Why not chose a worktop saver with a design that you like. At Jin Designs, Sitting Dog is waiting for you on a stunning, recycled, toughened glass worktop saver. It features 4 non-stop rubber feet so you never have to worry about losing your loyal companion! This is a great gift for someone who loves dogs and who loves to cook too.

Purse Sitting Dog Purse If you know a certain someone who is saving up for a dog or perhaps already has one but has a fund going to get their furry friend some new toys, this beautiful leather coin purse has been handcrafted in the UK and makes a fitting gift. It’s the right size to store credit cards, travel passes, keys and coins. With white leather on the front and brown leather on the reverse, it's stylish and perfect for dog lovers of all different ages and genders.