A New Partnership with trundl, the UK Charity Walking App

An exciting partnership has been established with Jin Designs and trundl. trundl is the UK's only non-competitive membership subscription for people of all physical abilities who want to become more active outdoors by being motivated to do good for some great causes.

trundl charity walking app

Jin Designs is a big fan of the great outdoors and a lot of the design collections reflect the wildlife we see on our walks and strolls in the countryside. trundl encourages members to get outdoors and walk for mental and physical health - and give back to charity via the trundl app. 

trundl’s unique ‘You GO, we GIVE, you GET’ proposition means that members are motivated to become active in aid of a range of charity causes without having to raise the funds themselves, while also enjoying some personal reward for doing so.

National Parks Move against Cancer
Dogs for Autism Sussex Wildlife Trust 


The charities that trundl and their members are supporting include Sussex Wildlife Trust, National Parks UKDogs for Autism UK and Move Against Cancer.

If you'd like to try the app, you can enjoy one month free if you use code JINDESIGNS

trundl appThrough the trundl app, members will not only be walking for health and raising money in the process, but they will enjoy exclusive offers and invitations from brand partners. And this is where Jin Designs comes in! 

By partnering with brands like Jin Designs, trundl can offer members a unique range of tangible offers. The trundl ambition is for members to feel proud of their health and charity-supporting efforts while also standing the chance to recoup their monthly membership fee through exclusive offers from relevant UK brands.

Relevant’ is the crucial word as members are falling in love with trundl’s home-grown, cheerful and highly purposeful approach to outdoor exercise, making it vital that partnerships are with companies that reflect similar values relating to nature and the environment, wellbeing, purpose and origin.  

Hedgehog Mug

Wherever possible Jin Designs sources her products in the UK and works closely with manufacturers who care about the environment and sustainability, all values that chime perfectly with trundl’s own intentions - as is Designer Jinny's practice of going for regular outdoor trundls to find peace and inspiration.

It's a ‘win win win’ ecosystem. trundlrs win by doing good for their health, charities win because they receive more donations and compatible businesses win through positive mutual support and receptive customers.  

trundl foundersLike Jin Designs, trundl is a female founder-run business. Jinny met founders Hil and Tess to discuss the way forward and a positive partnership was formed. 

Jin Designs and trundl

Jinny commented “As a small UK business, reaching the right people at the right time is like a constant uphill trundl. But with this partnership, I’m delighted to be able to offer my animal themed homeware and gifts to those who are helping to raise money in the great outdoors for much needed causes. It’s a real honour to be at the start of this journey as a brand partner and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where this trundl takes us.”

Are you a regular trundler and would you like to help test the trundl app? Download and enjoy one month free with code JINDESIGNS

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