Bringing A Bit of Brighton Into Your Home

For many people, Brighton represents a place with an abundance of fun. The seaside city is renowned for its free-spirited people and summertime entertainment. In our recent blog post, A Brief History of Beach Huts, we wrote about how seaside towns rose in popularity after doctors in the 1700s began claiming that bathing in sea water could cure a multitude of illnesses. Brighton Pavilion Brighton was following along in the footsteps of other cities dotted around the coasts until the Prince of Wales visited in 1783 and took a great liking to it. After that, people’s love for the city began to grow more and more. Some of the very first parts of the Laines were built shortly after and then, in 1787, the Pavilion was built, first in a style which mimicked the rest of the architecture of the times. However, it was then rebuilt 1815 to look how it still does today, an imitation of an Indian palace. Brighton continued to develop and the public’s adoration for it did, too. Being in Brighton can very easily make you feel as if you’re on holiday, even if you live there. There is always something to do and plenty to see. The beach is a stunning site at all times of the year, from the warm summer months where you’re drawn into sitting on the pebbles and feeling the sun on your skin to the colder, windier winter months where a walk along the seafront is invigorating as you take in the sights of strong waves crashing onto the shore. Brighton As arguably the most colourful, quirky and independent city in the UK, being in and around Brighton brings people great joy. At Jin Designs, we have created a range of home and giftware pieces which feature one of the most iconic Brighton (and Hove) scenes, the beach huts. We love the thought of being able to bring a bit of Brighton into your home and with it, be reminded of the city's wonderful attributes. Beach Huts Collection   Why not add some Brighton magic into your living room with our Brighton coasters or enjoy your morning coffee from one of our fine bone china mugs, decorated with a row of beach huts? Each of our pieces in this collection are inspired by seaside living. If you are looking for a little daily Brighton keepsake or know of someone who wishes that they lived by the sea then Jin Designs has the perfect answer. Check out the collection here. Beach Huts Mugs What comes to your mind when you think about Brighton? Let us know in the comments below.