Behind the Scenes of a Product Photoshoot

So you have a great design and a great product and you sell online. You're half way there! The next half is to make sure you have great photography. Jin Designs recently launched two brand new collections, Standing Cat and Crouching Cat, so it was a good opportunity to get creative and produce some new images. One of the key reasons for being accepted onto was having professional images that could show the products in a realistic setting. Sitting Cat Tea Towel In terms of strong images, the idea is to show the product in context - so online customers can get a good idea of the size of the product and what it could look like in a home, in a kitchen or on a dining table. Jin Designs teamed up with Capture Factory for the latest photoshoot. Capture Factory is a great team based in Brighton who have helped Jin Designs a few times over the years in producing high quality product shots. Their studio is well geared up for product and lifestyle photography - for homeware, gifts, fashion, jewellery and lots more. Rory from Capture Factory This is Rory from Capture Factory photographing Sleeping Cat Tea Towel. First thing to do is to get a good idea of how you want to style your products. With the new collection, the focus was on mugs, tea towels and the new melamine coasters and placemats. So we decided on a kitchen breakfast scene with fresh coffee and some of Designer Jinny's homemade granola. Yum! We used a few blueberries too in order to do our bit to promote the healthy breakfast table! Cat Placemats Cat Placemats, Set of Four Photoshoot Placemats It took a few hours to photograph the products. Once the scene is set you can work quite quickly through the images. We made sure there was plenty of colour in the photos. And with the products being white and cream, we used a grey painted table to contrast with this and really show the product off. Crouching Cat Mug Crouching Cat Mug After a bit of photoshop work on the images to tidy them up, these were ready to use within 24 hours. Thanks to Rory and the team at Capture Factory! Visit Capture Factory Website