A New Product in Development

I’ve been working on a new product these last few weeks and it’s beginning to come together. There’s lots of planning and research and then sourcing the best UK supplier. Luckily that bit is now done so we’re into the development phase. The next product to be at Jin Designs will be a range of hand poured scented candles! Candles The candles will bring your favourite characters into the home and even more alive with a visual and scentsational combination! Whether it’s into the woods, beside the sea, in the home or through the meadows, each character has been carefully paired up with some of the finest scents this country has to offer. New Scents The vinyl labels arrived back from the printers and this time the colours are just right. We had some issues with the first print round but I’m really happy with the results this time. Fox Candle The colours are much more vibrant and you can see the difference these photos. The left version is the new one and ready to be applied. Hedgehog Candle Not long now before the new products are ready! Look out for more updates on social media or here on the blog.