9 Years and New Adventures - The Story Continues...

On Monday this week, a special anniversary passed by. It was 9 years to the day that Jin Designs began, established in 2005 in the leafy suburbs of Chorlton in Manchester. Jinny was working as a Graphic Designer and founded Jin Designs to provide businesses both large and small with web and graphic design services. For 7 years she created logos, branded businesses, designed and built websites and produced a range of marketing materials for a variety of businesses. Jinny-JinDesigns Jin Designs became associated with clean, simple and effective design. In 2010, Jinny and the business moved to Brighton and continued to offer the same service to companies on the South Coast. But change was on the horizon. In June last year after many months, years even, of thoughts, dreams, creativity and plans, Jin Designs entered a new and exciting phase as Jinny launched her own designs on a range of high quality home and giftware. Jin Designs went from a Sole Trader business to a Limited Company. It signalled the start of a new chapter and a brand new adventure for Jin Designs. Over the last 18 months the business has grown rapidly. It's taken a lot of hard work but it's been an exciting time for Jinny and her designs. Her clean and simple style appeals to audiences across the globe. Collections such as Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat are proving popular not just in the UK, but in the Far East, USA and Australia. More collections, like Beach Huts and Sitting Dog, have followed with an encouraging response and growing fan base. And now there's a new design for a new year with the adorable Meerkat Collection. The aim of Jin Designs has always been to 'keep it simple'. Whether it’s a design, a gift, a home, a business. Life can be complicated and cluttered. Jin Designs strives to offer a contrast to this - to bring space into designs, to raise a smile and to enjoy a moment to relax - and breathe… So on 15th December 2014, there was a small celebration at the Jin Designs studio. No champagne this year. Just quiet recognition of achievements of the last 9 years - and acknowledgement of the determination and desire to take Jin Designs even further. Watch this space. 2015 is going to be an exciting year.

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