5 Reasons for Giving Minimalist Designer Gifts

The gesture of giving gifts is a ritual tightly woven into our culture. Think about the many reasons we give gifts, from births to baptisms, weddings to anniversaries, for Christmas or just a simple 'thank-you'. There can be a tendency to get caught up with the commercialisation of other celebrations too.

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Buying gifts is not always easy because they carry our expressions of love and gratitude so we want to give something worthy. Due to this, there is often a misconception that bigger is better, but there is little evidence to support this idea.

Some research suggests that often the old cliche, 'less is more' is far better, especially when the gift conveys thoughtfulness about the recipient, their lifestyle and home.

So here are 5 reasons why giving minimalist designer gifts will prove to be a winner every time and show just how much you care.

1. Beauty in Simplicity
Mention minimalism to most people and an image of empty walls and cupboards will be conjured up. Indeed, a minimalist lifestyle can be about the paring down of possessions but it does not have to be plain and boring. You do not have to live a minimal lifestyle to buy minimalist gifts and neither does the recipient.

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Minimalism is about beauty and simplicity, which is why Jin Designs minimalist gifts and homeware is a perfect choice. Known for clean lines and simple designs Jin Designs offers high quality items, original contemporary designs which features plenty of space. By choosing minimalist gifts you are presenting a gift of beauty and simplicity which is everlasting.

2. Something You Have in Common
There are different types of buyers according to psychologists and one type is the person that tends to buy people gifts they themselves prefer. Buying a gift is a form of communicating how we feel or what we want to say. If you do not know the person very well, look for what you have in common.

They may share a love of cats, for example, so buying a gift that celebrates that commonality will be both given and received with delight. Jin Designs collection of minimalist designer mugs, made of fine bone china, have, amongst others, a unique cat design. It's a minimalist gift that makes a statement. It will show you have put thought and care into choosing the gift and one that recognises your connection.

3. Clutter can be Chaotic
Most people have more than enough things in their home and you may think that adding to it is ideal. Think again! Choosing a minimalist designer gift that offers clean lines, beautiful designs and functionality is a perfect idea. Decluttering does not have to be a 'throwing away' process. Think of it more as introducing things that give joy. We all know that living with clutter can cause stress and anxiety but it takes time to sort it all out.

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A minimalist designer gift is ideal because it offers time away from all of the clutter. It gives plenty of space to cleanse your mind and room to breathe. A Jin Designs scented candle is an excellent choice to give as a minimalist gift as the person can relax and take time away from all the chaos.

4. Stylish and Practical
The beauty of a minimalist designer gift is that it can be both stylish and practical. White may be the colour choice for most minimalist designs but that does not mean other colours cannot be used. Jin Designs use a colour palette that is calm and delicate. Minimalists gifts often have a practical function too but without losing that designer edge.

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Jin Designs offer a wide range of minimalist designer gifts and homeware, from zip bags which will store things neatly in one place to a high quality designer apron which bring an accent of colour without losing the harmony of clean lines and open spaces. Giving stylish and practical gifts reveal that you have thought about their lifestyle and will be highly appreciated.

5. Supporting Small Business.
Minimalism can be about reducing our footprint on the planet and still living with things we really enjoy. When we buy from a small business we are investing in an ethic that is focused on a high quality brand and products. Customer service will be more personal and direct and customer contact more positive. You can get to know the brand by following on social media, reading newsletters, blogs and being in direct contact with those designing and producing the product.

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Reducing time dealing with big corporates where gifts are likely to be imported and mass produced and supporting a smaller business can help to reduce our footprint. Buying minimalist designer gifts from a smaller business you will find elegant gifts that are unique, of a high quality and designed by someone with passion in what they do.

By giving a gift from a small business such as Jin Designs, the recipient will know that you have put thought into the gift and the company behind it. What could be better than that!

Minimalist designer gifts are perfect for everyone. They are high quality gifts, designed without compromise and will give joy and harmony in our busy lives.